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What to use?!

  ClioSport 172
Hiya! Basically I want to properly wash my baby but dont really know how! I've got some 'Meguiars Quik Clay kit' & Purple Haze Dodo Juice... is that ok?

Would like to properly wash the side skirts, arches, & front bumper cause I can never really get them properly clean, but what do I use to do that?

I've tried looking for a few things but am a bit stuck! Whats best? And at a reasonable price cause i'm pretty skint! Would love my front bumper to look awesome! :)


ClioSport Club Member
The products you have already are fine,i use dodo juice wax, and megs clay.

I'd also buy some megs hyperwash shampoo, and some auto glym extra gloss protection [EGP]
  106 GTi
If you have the Clay and the wax just grab a bottle of Autoglym Super Resin Polish to use in between them. Will clean up the paint nicely ready for wax.

With a decent shampoo purchased you will have all you need for great looking paint.