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what wing mirrors u like Mk2


  clio 1.2 -2000-
Hi, i have a silver clio, Been looking at these wing mirrors
I do like the chrome ones but never see chrome on a clio. Also i like the DTM mirrors "orange in the pics" and spray them silver, but not sure if they will look rite, Also like the M3 mirrors. What you think and why! Not that fussed on the stranded clio mirrors. Staying manual for now! But may get electric and wire them all up later but want to keep costs down atm
If i go chrome i been looking at wipers and aerials, here and
Thanks again for you time, help, advice
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Keep the standard mirrors, M3 & DTM ones weren't even fashionable back in the 90's ! I bet the makers of cars that had them as standard got annoyed when they starter apperaring on Fiesta's and the like.

Aeriel wise, chrome gear looks awful, black ones look better & less chavvy. The same goes for wiipers.

Basically to sum up, if you put all of the ebay link stuff on your car it'll look crap.
  FPOS Productions™ 172 FR
Standards mate,...

Save up and get an exhaust upgrade/air filter.. Anything other than the mirrors..
  330Ci (Fail)Sport
I'm not a big fan of the clio mirrors, look a bit odd to me for some reason but there just isn't anything else out there tbh. I'd prefer ones like on the Golf GTI, E46 M3 or E92 3 series. Never seen them about and probably wouldn't change them if they were lol and chrome add-ons look tacky and cheap mate.

Basically to sum up, if you put all of the ebay link stuff on your car it'll look crap.

Roffle, what a summary.
  330Ci (Fail)Sport
The first 3 all look similar and popular with a lot of the modded saxo, fiestas etc scene years and years ago, never looked great.

Not sure if the third one will fit, says mk2 but then says 94-99. Mk2 came out in 98, don't know if any late mk1s came out in 99, don't think so. I'd say this is the safer bet, same ones but for 2000 onwards, I'd still avoid though lol

The last one isn't too bad, not electric but if you've got manual already then no issue. TBH, as I said I think the standard mirrors don't look as good as they could be, but I wouldn't bother with wasting my time and money on them.

Buy what you want prefer mate.

Hehe, may as well be honest ;)

lol aye.
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Keep the standards ones, M3 ones are AWFUL, and even worse in Chrome. They dont even work well on M3s i dont think! haha.

As for DTM..IF you really really really want to change the wingmirrors, then I'd go for DTM, nicer than M3 by a long way. In terms of visibilty from the smaller glass though, its awful.

Plus, if your car comes with electric mirrors it'll cost you much more to get the electric mirrors, pointless :)


  clio 1.2 -2000-
I am thinking of going electric, not making any decisions yet, just brain storming.
Guess it easy to go electric!
I will just need electric mirrors and switch which i guess is just a straight swap from what i got to this ????
Then just get electric feed from some to switch and then mirror. Am i correct ? ? ?
Also if i wanted to go heated, guess its just wired into the electrics again or am i wrong? And find heated mirrors.
Honestly, there's feck all wrong with the standard mirrors, don't modify just for the sake of modifying.
  Ph1 track 172
tbh with you dude, renault put alot of money into the standard mirrors,
if a car clips a mirror with those cheap ebay things on, itll come straight off. and break into 1,000,000 pieces.

but personally, i prefer the subtle look. wing mirrors like m3 style and such are sooooo chavy (because theyre a cheap mod) they look awful and overly attention seeking. not a classy mod at all.

if you REALLY want to upgrade your mirrors, look for some high spec colour coded ones,

but please steer clear of ebay fancy/showy crap with indicators and two bars to the mounting plate, they look awful and cary a very chavy persona.