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What would you do? V6 Dilemma

  Engles Mummy
Hi All,

As some of you know I'm selling the cup in the next month or two and I'll be looking to buy either a mk1 or mk2 v6. But there are some problems...

I prefer the mk2 to the mk1, but I can only buy the mk1 out right. If I wanted to buy a mk2 I would have to get it on finance/loan, which I'm not fond off.

Overall I know there performance is about the same, so I'm not too bothered about that. It's just I'm not a fan of the mk1 interior and I love the mk2 interior, but I prefer the mk1 exterior but again I love the mk2 paint jobs.

So really what I'm trying to get to is - If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Get the mk1 and just suffer the interior or get a loan out and buy the mk2?

Thanks All

  R35 GTR
If it's less than 5000 loan and you work full time, juggle it around on a few credit cards interest free.
Mk1 and save the debt.

if its really an issue you can fit a Ph2 dash, although you'll need new door cards too.
  Lionel Richie
tough one, the mk2 is far from perfect, as i said on the phone i'd seriously think about a mk1 + some toys

drive one first though, as you may not like it, its a bit like marmite
mk1 all the way, its the exterior that people see and the interior can be retrimmed... plus money is in your arse pocket and not the dreaded APR hanging aroumnd the corner

  Engles Mummy
If I can find a cat c/d mk2 v6 then I'll be sorted. But sadly the only mk2 owner who rags his car is Fred.

I think I'm just being a wimp about the interior. Aslo I think the mk1 definitely looks more raw and "in your face", which is what I'm all about.

No doubt when I get either the mk1/2 I'll strip it to the bone and whack buckets & a roll cage in there lol
  Lionel Richie
yeah but a mk1 on coilovers = better than a mk2 (hence why i'm ordering mine soon!)

Adam don't say that, you'll affect my resale value!
  M2 Competition
I thought the problem was more to do with the wheelbase fred?

Its longer on a mk2 iirc, hence more stable?
  Engles Mummy
lol thanks all

Like fred said I'm going to need to test drive them both. Anyone willing to let my gentle hands & feet drive there v6?

Fred if you decide to get rid of it - Do me a favour and right it off so I can buy a damaged mk2 :)

I have also read that the mk1 v6 isn't that reliable, this true?
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4
i'd go for the Mk2, I'm with you on the Mk1 interior, couldn't ever buy one because of that, the Mk2 is much nicer, I couldn't be arsed bodging a mk1 either.
i'm thinking on changing mine to a v6 next year and i'd go for a mk2 or none its just not worth it other wise
  R5gtt, 182, volvo...
so long as your full comp insured and not maxing out on a loan, id say get some more spending money towards it.. you can always sell it and pay the loan off...
mk1 mate. As you said interior is all your bothered about.

Save your money on an mk2, strip the interior and put in some buckets and buy coilovers. Job done.

Mk1 exterior looks better than the mk2. Front end looks better imo but not everyone's opinion. I'd also consider putting an mk2 spoiler on.

If your ever down my way i'd let you have a drive of mine providing you took care of it. Crash it you buy it tho.
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Do you not want a loan because you don't feel you can afford the monthly repayments, or because you just don't want to get into debt?

If your heart is set on the 255, then I'd imagine the loan will be circa £4k/5k which, as long as the monthly repayments don't cripple you, isn't a huge amount. You can always go for a loan which allows bulk repayments and pay large amounts of it off when you get bumper wage packets and bonuses...
I prefer the body of the mk1 (its the original after all:) ) but I too don't like the interior that much:(
If it was me i'd say get the mk1 & add a few bits to it (interior as you said) coilovers, mk2 lights & boot spoiler - that would be about it really.

I am considering a mk1 soon (I can't afford the mk2, nor would I be able to justify the 5k price difference)
  Mondeo STTDCI
Loans and monthly payments SUCK ass. Trust me. They are hardly ever worth it unless you can definitely afford the motor.
Also got to think about services, tyre prices, cambelt change, fuel, more on insurance, tax, etc etc
  BMW M3
well 5k over 3 yrs will set u back about 150pm so I would just go woth the mk1 personalyl. I am sure u will find ample other thigns to do with that dosh and still have a quality car...
  Black 172 MK2
personaly i would go MK2 but your saying that you like the MK1 apart form the interior but you would prob strip it :s so there wont be any interior sooo erm theres your answer :s
  Lionel Richie
there's NOTHING wrong with the mk1's, yes in stock form they're not perfect, but sort the suspension and you're laughing!

the plenum sucks beans (plastic special) so bin that for the mk2 version, or put our throttle bodies on there!

the mk1 gearbox is terrible
the mk1 bodywork quality is shite, all the body pannels are held on with silicone, and you can see this far too obviously (100 times better on the mk2)

the mk1 clutch is better IMO

i drove a mk1 on coilovers round Brands, so much fun
  Engles Mummy
Thanks all for your help.

Both cars seem pretty evenly matched when you weigh up all the pros & cons.

Tyre prices scare me on the mk2 though lol

But seeing Fred’s little baby today made me realise "One loan wouldn't hurt"