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What would you pay for...

  Swift Sport
I've just been offered a 2004 182 in blue (Monaco/Arctic?) with 66k miles. It's registered CAT-D and isn't running properly, the owner has taken it to a garage who have told him that the ECU is screwed. The A/C also doesn't work, but apart from this I'm led to believe everything else is okay. I haven't seen the car and I'm unsure of the previous accident the car has had.

What would you pay for something like this? It obviously needs some money spending on it, and I'd be guessing that the belts haven't been done either.
You can get a good, straight condition Arctic 182 FF for £2000 these days.

That car is worth pittance and is only worth breaking for spares. New ECU, coding etc will cost you the same as what it would cost to buy the car.
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I wouldnt advise anyone to break a car.. As nick says people only want modified parts or stupid little things like clips etc... I was left with half a car before i got so annoyed with timewasters etc i just binned the lot..


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Tbh it would be hard work these days. I'm currently looking to sell my mint xenons, mint interior and they're not selling, people only seem interested in modified parts these days.
It just takes time and plenty of pictures mate