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Whats everyone...........

Getting for Christmas - come on tell all - what have you bought or are getting for your motor???

Im getting front and rear strut braces and a replacement green/K&N filter element. A new set of spacers and alloy tax disc holder for the Mrsssss car (1600 16V)


  Audi TT Stronic

Money and stuff.. thinking about getting a Xbox + modchip and chucking one of my 120Gig drives into it..

Going Snowboarding in Andorra and then in New York to see our friends band play on New Years Eve. Strangely enough after forking out for this (although Newyork is free!) we decided not to buy each other presents!

new graphics card for me pc, 9700 pro

ermmmmmmm suspension kit in january when i get crimbo bonus from work.

Maybe look at chipping it soon to.
  clio 20v

erm i bought myself a unichip, my g/f getting my rear clusters and some new clothes and my ma and da gave me the money for my exhaust cos i couldnt think of anything i wanted

prob just get money off the rest of my family, i havent asked for anythin in particular

last year i asked that fat red bstard for a escort cosworth, did i get one did i fook! and he had the cheek to eat the mince pie i left for him as well



  Shiny red R32

Couldnt you have got P40DYS, so that the 0 might look a bit more like the D!!

You can still see what it is though paddymph!


..A vietnamese pot bellied pig.

Hmm Daughter getting my Willy2 chipped for me, her boyf is getting my decat pipe. Spiderman dvd, blank dvd-rs, 2 new alpine subs I hope, gf4 ti card (already in my gaming pc), cudly toy, fondue set.......

Nice number plate Paddy....I wanted, and its still up for grabs W111 YMS but cant get it for my M reg :(, May get M7 WLY as of yet and make the 7 look like a Y.

  Clio 197

Jahreskarte and ignition wires.

And I just got a great CD of my Willy doing a lap of the ring!

  320d M Sport


GR-I enquired on P40DYS, they wanted £1200!!! Slightly over Nicolas £250 budget! Weird this as since i put the plate on people have noticed the car more!

  320d M Sport

Cheers Daz, looks ace on the car but was a right BALLACHE to get the old plate off, they were rivited on! WTF?!

eeeks. I reckon my plates might be rivetted on - by the look of the screws, they are made up of 99% rust. :confused:

  2012 WRX Waggon

My 172 was my Christmas present, I was supposed to pick it up on the 23rd, but when they told me it was in, i just couldnt wait.

I think the missus has got plans to stick a bleedin ribbon on it on Christmas day or something.

I also bought myself a diskloc steering wheel lock - 46 squid from Costco, bloody Halfords are floggin em at 79.99!!!!!


When i ordered my car i gave them specific instructions not to fit the numberplates! didnt want any holes in my bumper as i use velcro to fit my plates.

  Clio 1.6 16V

Sadly said goodbye to my old Audi S2 on Thursday and bought the wife a new 1.6 16V Dynamic with climate & xenons in exchange, delivery due Mar 2003 reckon my Xmas will now run well into next year now! ... hhhmmm let me think, for the 172 .... magnex, -30mm springs, braces, superchip ......? :)
  BMW 320d Sport

240bhp turbo conversion, 325mm 4-pot brakes, set of 17" OZ Chronos, maybe a pair of Cobra Evo seats, roll cage and harnesses...nothing at all for myself, just stuff for the Clio!

Actually I did get one of those fancy Nokia camera phones today so I can join in with the photographing the speedo at 150mph fun and games.