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Whats it worth?

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Not sure if this is in the right place if not, point me in the right place and ill move it

I may have my clio 200 for sale in the coming months and can't think of a sensible price for it,
Its an AG factory cup pack with recaros, it is actually the press car that autocar used against the focus rs on youtube.

I have owned it for around 4 years and as a mechanic have done anything to it that it would need, it has had the following

4x new michellin ps4 on in the last 6 months
power flex lower arm, top and bottom engine mounts
new swivel hub bearings on the n/s and o/s int the last 6 months
cam belt and water pump done by myself approx 2 years ago, will have to check. With invoices and photo proof
gearbox refurbed and genuine renault clutch kitapprox 2 years ago
serviced religiously and great history prior to me
delphi front discs and pads fitted in the last 5 months
Has a decent sonyhead unit fitted with DAB etc, front speakers have been upgraded
yellow speed coil overs from cam racing fitted in the last 6 months
HEL braided hoses front and rear
probably much much more that i can't remember right now

I believe its done just over 90k
body work is in good condition but has got the occasional mark, wheels have started to get slightly scabby, the recaros have the usual tear in the drivers seat bolster but passengers is mint. I would trust this car to get me anywhere without fail, I have just done a 1300 mile trip in it without any problems

Has got a private plate on but will be back on the original which is HV09 YDG

I don't want to sell the car but an upcoming house purchase, may mean i need to. Just need a rough price of what its worth to see if i can justify keeping it. As I'm in the trade i have the option to sell privately or stick it on the forecourt

Ive attached a few photos that I've found from the past few years

Ol’ Tarby

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