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Wheel decision

  Williams 2, 182 cup
Looking for some assistance in picking suitable 15" wheel trims. I know people are usually asking about alloy wheels but this is a sleeper I have been putting together hence the wheel trims.

I have included a pictures of the car and I now have a set of 15" steel wheels which will be fitted shortly. Let me know what you think and your suggestions please.

  172 Cup
If it was me & I was going for the full sleeper look, I wouldn't bother with wheel trims all together!

If you wanted to smarten the steelie's up, give them a coat of satin black maybe?...
  Meg R26 + Mk4 GTTDI
Looks pretty sleeperish as it is... Whats under the bonnet?

Steelies and two different wheel trims for the ultimate banger look imo
  S3, Polo
^ Why put a 172 on steelies? To my mind, the flex of steelies would compromise a fine handling car??
  Williams 2, 182 cup
Them saab trims look the nuts, too nice for the look I am after.

I am fitting the 16v steel rims which have a deep and beefy look to them which is why I want to fit trims.

I was thinking of having three trims and one missing.

The wheels in that picture are no longer on the car, they were 14" and I was struggling with traction so it now sits on r19 16v turbines.

The car is project prilliams, a clio rl prima shell with williams engine, gearbox etc.
  Williams 2, 182 cup
I intend on spraying the r19 wheels in white and keep them for trackdays if I get to do any.

There is a chap on the clio16v forum selling a set of the same wheels if you are after a set.