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Wheel Refurb

  S4, Tamora, Conti GT
going to take my car to DingMaster in Bristol to get all 4 wheels refurbished, because the previous owner somehow passed his driving test without learning to park. They have quoted me £43 per wheel, which I think seems fair. They also said what colour do i want them resprayed, I want to keep them the same dark grey, but need to know the name of this colour, any help would be appreciated.
  BG 182 FF
205 - 110 is the renualt paint code for the cup packed wheel colour, don't think is easy to get hold of though, seen darker anthercite done and looks really smart.
  S4, Tamora, Conti GT
Ah thanks, they said they had all the paints from a list of manufacturers but didn't seem to mention renault, i'll find out when i get them done, will do some before and after pic as well.