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Wheel & Tyre Options

  Clio 182
Hi all,

After some advice on wheel and tyre options.

The 182 is mostly for the track, some simple daily driving to and from the shops and the occasional once weekly 60 mile round trip motorway commute.

I have the anthracite 16s currently fitted, which need new tyres.

I also have a set of 15" 6.5" alloys (no tyres fitted yet) which i intended to use as track wheels.

I intend to do around 5/6 track days this year (time permitting).

What is my cheapest and best option for tyres in the sense of, am I better having ps3's on the 16"s and running them both road and track?

Then should i stay 205 or move to 195 for cheaper tyres (from what ive read, many have with no real adverse affects)?

Or should I keep the 16s with ps3s or equivalent (any recommendations?) And then have the 15s with some dedicated track tyres/part worns (any recommendations here, bearing in mind track day 1 is end of feb weather wise)

What is more cost efficient?

What is the standard OEM size?

195/50 has a higher sidewall, therefore a greater radius, therefore a greater circumference, therefore your speedo will under-read. By how much? Look for 'tyre size calculator' or similar online and plug the different options into it.