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wheels question

  Audi A3
Hey know its been asked a few times but need a quick answer would the 172 5 spoke alloys fit straight onto a 51 plate 1.2 clio with no problems? Cheers


ClioSport Club Member
  Octavia vRS
Different off-set IIRC. From memory the rears should be ok, it's the fronts that can rub. But 5mm spacers all round sorts it.
  Ph1 track 172
thought they fit no problem,

theyre the same stud pattern and centre bore,
but the offset may well be slightly different.

pm robbos, he had 172 wheels on his.
  C3 Picasso Beast
I'm pretty sure they do as I sold my standard 172 alloys on eBay to a bloke who had a 1.2 clio after I told him they would fit fine and he never complained they didn't fit so guessing they fitted fine?!?
  BMW M5 & E36
Unlikely they'll rub at standard height. Compare offsets, doubt they'll be alot different so will fit no probs.
  Audi A3
cars lowered 35ish mm all round, mate had car lowered the same with pro race 1.2s and didnt rub so im hoping with the 172 alloys on mine should be ok