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  clio williams, Ph1 172

mine catch but i have 215.40.17 tyres. and its lowered. its noy bad though. get some on it
  BMW 320d Sport

Yes they go straight on. If its lowered it may scrub a little bit but arch work is not required, maybe just a bit of sh*tguard removal.

my clio phoos in other trhead is on 17" with "toobig" 215/40. it did scrub (the front arches... a little on full lock when on bumps or a curb. its lowered a bit... but if i wanted i would cut a 3-4 mm of the flare (am i right - is it called the flare? - this bent to the inside part... im not brit you know...:) )and it would be ok even on these too big tires