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when u hit the rev limiter on willy.....


When i accelerate in 1st gear and it hits 6500 it backs down to about 5500. is this right? it like ditches the power. is that how it works? or do i have a problem
  Clio 197

There is no way that you would have a rev limiter cut out the way you describe unless something is seriously amiss. It should only cut out till you get back to 6500ish. Maybe a couple hundred rpm but no more.

Funny thing with mine is that on part throttle in 5th gear it sneaks by the limit up to about 6800 or so and then when it cuts out it is out for a while until the car coasts back down to 6500 or so. This can be rather disconcerting in the middle of a curve.
  Clio 197

Autobahn. No biggie. Just have to keep one eye in the rear view mirror at that speed as there are some fast cars out there!
  BMW 320d Sport

Well when you hit the limiter on a Willy (or 16v for that matter) its pretty harsh, I certainly wouldnt want to make a habit of it. The rev limit function on these models is about as crude as you can get and its not unusual for it to bounce you down a thousand revs. Modern soft-cut limiters are better (I use one in addition to my normal ECU control), they will chug and hold at the rev limit but not bounce downwards in such a violent manner!
  Clio 197

Yeah the limiter is a bit crude and seems rougher in the lower gears or if it is approached quickly, but when you just sort of sneak up on it in top mine is seems much gentler. Dont know why but that is the way it goes.

Probably got a lot to do with the mechanical advantage of the engine in the lower gears and the fact that the wheels have the leverage in the higher gears.

Whatever, I try not to make a practice of it but it is so easy to do trying to keep up with the flow of things.

One eye on the road ahead, one eye in the mirror and one eye on the tach!

Somehtings gonna give....
  CTR EK9 turbo

Ive gotta get a go on the autobahn! can anyone calculate what top speed 6800 rpm is?? I bet it guzzles fuel when "cruising" flat-out!!!

Its gotta be around 135/140 mph surely?!? The crazy thing is, as Eddd says, youve got to keep an eye out for faster cars appearing behind you! If you did 140 in this country, the only cars youd have in the rear view mirror would all have blue lights on them (and no, I dont mean Nova SRs with blue washer LEDs!!!)
  FRST and 106 GTi

wild ppl... :)

Here we have BMW 530d and Impreza cars going up your ass in the highway and chasing you till they flash the blue light and... PULL OVER! By this time, kiss your driving license goodbye. :(

Its hard to know if its them or just some one like you flying low.
  BMW 320d Sport

Now thats interesting that autobahns have come up. Ive often thought of heading over to Germany for a top speed run (next years Cliosport trip?) but although theres not an outright speed limit, cant you still get booked for inconsiderate or dangerous driving?
  Clio 197

They are very strict and have unmarked cars patrolling for that kind of stuff. You are not supposed to flash cars out of the way and if you get caught tailgating you are in deep sh*te. If someone annoys you, hand signals of any sort are out as well, huge fine for any sort of provocative behaviour.

By and large everybody plays by the rules and in construction areas with low limits everybody slows down knowing they can make up for it soon enough.

I would highly recommend a trip to the ring to anyone. There are facilities to cater for any number of club members if you want to organise something.

Top speed is actually rather boring after a while. Well not really, but nowhere near as interesting as that 20km stretch of country road in the Eiffel.


hmm... must say that my valver cuts very smooth... and i believe ( at least the previous owner said so :) - but he didnt know he had a K&N filter :) ) its normal ECU - why then it is so smooth? :)