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When Xmas shopping with your G/F

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Is it just me, or do you notice loads and loads of really foxy fit girls around all over the place?!?!?

Im not one to cheat or anything like that but i find it quite amusing that every shop we seem to go in, either working behind the counter, or just shopping, there always seems to be a couple of very nice young ladies there............. When i was single however, i never ever seemed to find this?!!?
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Yeah but now i know that if i ever end up single, i know exactly where to go - just hard to go there without looking gay though i guess!
  H22A7 Accord Type R certainly makes christmas shopping more entertaining! I was at the White Rose centre in Leeds at the weekend and it was hoachin wi talent! Mint Sir! Some stunnin birds workin at a jewlery stand..........!

Nah nickg there are advantages to looking gay. I am not, gay I mean, but sometimes if you act a bit gay then you quickly get closer to women. They dont feel pressured by you. Then you get them drunk and move in. Or just slowly become more like yourself and then ask em out. By then you have got to know them and they have got to know you. The only down side is after a few weeks they try to set you up with blokes. And its at that point you just have to come out and say your not actually gay. You must be carefull to not actually say your gay before hand.

Or the easier way is to just say you want something for your mum and ask for advice. Most women love that caring bloke thing. Just be carefull not to fart when your asking them.

Paul - unlucky in love, so dont take my advice.
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Me neither.......... cant say that would be something id ever want to try to be honest!

You dont act gay, you just act slightly camp. Its easy enough, as long as your confident in your sexuality it doesnt matter. The only time people get offended by gay people or worried by it is because they are not sure about themselves. I have gay friends, I can talk to them get drunk with them in the knowledge nothing will happen. Because I am not gay. Even if I was there isnt a problem with that. Its just the small minded people who have a problem with it.

  Lionel Richie

Tell em you drive an "EXTREME" and the gay thing will come across on its own!!!!! Ooooooooooh Ello Sailor!!!!!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

"Its just the small minded people who have a problem with it"

My mind must be virtually non existent then.

I love this whole gay extreme joke, i think im going to milk it for another few weeks

Tell em you drive an "EXTREME" and the gay thing will come across on its own!!!!! Ooooooooooh Ello Sailor!!!!!


It works mate, just being interested in their appearence complimenting them on Hair/skin/nails all the things they spend loadsa time and money on and your halfway there. You dont have to go the whole Dale Winton on them just take notice of them. Last week in the queue at Tesco I struck up a conversation with a fit bird just by complimenting her on her Maharishi leggins, she was well impressed at my Garm knowledge, though my girlfriend probably wouldnt have been.

Thank you, someone who agrees with me. Well sort of. All I am trying to say is dont come over all blokeish. Act well more femanine I suppose.