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Where has all my fluid gone

I was out yesterday in the car, everything was fine until I tried to clean my windscreen - no washer fluid!

I thought this was a little strange as the bottle had been about half full when I looked last week so I assumed that I had used it all, or that the pump squirts more than I realised. So I stopped at the local BP and filled the bottle to the brim, gave it a quick test - everything fine, go on my way.

This morning travelling home a large insect commits suicide on my windscreen so I go to wash of the entrails - no washer fluid! Checked when I got home the bottle is empty!

Ive had a quick look and everything looks OK! So has anyone any idea what the problem could be? Where has all my washer fluid gone? Id like to give the local Renault thicknicions some idea whats wrong, other than "my washer fluids dissapeared", before they pull my motor apart.

Ta, Andy

check the pipe from the bottle to the bonnet jets. It gets kinked and dont work sometimes.

try it with the bonnet propped open to test if it is kinking the pipe.


Mine is currently waiting on a new washer bottle pump and seal. Since I had the car a few months back it has had a very minor leak from the nearside haedlamp washer nozzle. In fact the cleaner they put in from the factory must be quite potent as over time it actually left a mark in the paint as it ran down the bumper!
It went in last week for a new nozzle and a new wiring loom in the door (but thats another story!)
Anyway i filled it back up and it was empty within a few hours! Rang them up yesterday and took it down at lunch to find out that it needs a new pump and seal!! and now it needs 2 wiper arm linkages where they were scratched when the wiper assembly was taken off!!

Thanks Chaps

I filled the bottle up again yeasterday and sat and watched what happened. After about 5 minutes a small drip of water could be seen underneath the car just inboard from the front nearside wheel. I havent checked this morning yet, but I would guess that the bottle is empty again.

Anyhow I couldnt see exactly where the leak was coming from, and everythings still under warranty, so its booked into the dealers (Whitehouse Renault in Tunbridge Wells) for next Wednesday!



had a similar problem, renault dealer reckons its a cracked bottle, like u said if u fill the bottle n sit n watch it you can c the fluid dripping out. if its not the seal then u had better get used to not being able to wash your screen, cos ive had a screen wash bottle on back order through the dealer for 14 weeks! apparently there are none avaliable over here and have to be ordered from france. spoke to the dealer today n still no idea wen it might arrive.


Bigmoose - Im from Nutley, East Sussex. Whitehouse are my local Renault dealer because I have a TN postcode. Baldocks Renault in Wivelsfield Green are my other closest dealer, but I went there to get my handbook and not at all impressed by their attitude towards the customers that were there whilst I was waiting, so Im giving Whitehouse a go.

Tubs - Heres hoping that its the seal. Im wondering as to how the bottle can suddenly crack, everything was fine until Sunday. Its certainly not what I expect from a 3 month old car!



have u had any joy about your fluid problem yet. my dealer sounds like a stuck record all he says is "its on back order" its pissing me off no end. as for a 3 month old car not having such problems, mine is now almost 6 months old n has had 5 trips to the dealer , it also had the whole of the front suspension replaced after about 4,000 miles because it was overlly worn n resembled a suspension set that had done 60000 miles . its now done 6000 and needs the suspension replaced again!

happy happy joy joy!!

anyway, enough of the rant

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Anyone heard or read about if you didnt have any washer fluid in the bottle it was a nickable offence cause if your windscreen got sh1ted up you couldnt clear it and could have an accident.

Probably bullsh1t but has anyone else heard of this ?

Tubs - No joy yet, although strangely the leak seems to have reduced significantly now that the weather is cooler. The dealers will think Im a right tw*t if I go in there complaining that he bottle leaks and its still 3/4 full!

CB - Interesting point, my mate is a copper Ill see if he knows.



i got a bit pissed off yesterday n called renault uk about the lack of screen wash bottle after 16 weeks of it being on order, just got a call from renault uk, informing me that they are carrying out an investigation as to y my washer bottle is still on back order. as for the suspension they are still trying to work out y it keeps needing replacing!


Just picked up my car from the dealers. They have deduced that one of my headlamp washers is leaking, thus causing the washer fluid to disappear.

I find this rather strange myself as 1) I dont think a leaking headlamp washer will empty out a full washer bottle overnight, and 2) I was pretty certain that they werent leaking when I was trying to find the scource of the leak last week.

Anyhow they are going to replace the offending item - when they get some in stock!

Tubs - Have you had any more luck with yours yet?


hiya andy

still chasing renault uk, spoke to them today only to be told that there is no record of the conversations i had with them last week and it was news to them that im still waiting for my washer bottle!

obviously that was like a red rag to a bull which resulted in me using every swear word i know in as many different laguages that i could think of, which resulted in the poxy customer services advisor hanging up on me!

called them back after i calmed down and spoke to the customer services manager but there is no news in terms of my bottle.

but now my little car feels even more like a pig goin round left handers, the air bag light is constantly on and i have the dirtiest windscreen in the country! all in all this car is turning into a right little B****** to own and run!

renault should be shot