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Where have you been all my life !

Got my Pearl Black 172 yesterday after a very tiring 500 mile round trip to pick it up from Essex but I am gobsmacked ! The car is awesome and everything I thought it would be ! Picked it up with 4 miles on the clock, bodywork, alloys, interior were all perfect and unmarked, no blemishes at all. CD Autochanger under the seat too, it is absolutely perfect !

Now I am not one for posing with a new car but I did notice all of the heads turning as I drove past, the sound on the engine is awesome ! A kid walked past my house when I was washing it, he says "Nice car! How fast does it do 0-60?", ha ha ! Kids these days know more about cars than anyone !

Keeping it below 3500rpm is hell ! How the hell do you do it ? It is still quick running it in but I know it is going to be sooooooooo much quicker !

I do have one quick question, is the oil very clean ? My dad checked the dipstick and the oil is almost transparent on the stick, is this right ? The oil gauge says that the oil levels are ok but I did smell a slight burning smell (cant describe it any other way), I put this down to the engine being new, fair assumption ?

All in all I am totally in love with it and I cannot wait until it is run in.

The oil is fine. Its that colour when its new it only goes black when it been running through the engine for thousands of miles and its filled with carbon.
good luck with the new motor
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Brill, glad youre happy with it m8! When I got mine I just drove it non-stop until it was run in. Basically Telford - Scotland - Telford and it was done. Itll keep getting faster and faster as you pile on the miles.

I thought that was right. Thanks Oakley, much appreciated m8.

Oh yeah, what is the best way to clean the silver plate on top of the engine of the 172 ? You know, the plate which has RenaultSport embossed on it ? Simple case of a powerwasher or is there a better, safer way ?

yeah its murder keeping it under 3k revs. i hit a thousand miles the other day...and im telling you for a fair shifts. 92 top speed my erse....not that ive tested it out or! hehe

as for the "burning" smell. my clio gave a kind of "burning" smell for a few hundred miles...ive put it down to the car being new..and its since not too bothered..thats what warranties are for. So i shouldnt worry too much..just enjoy your new toy.

That must be it then, I was not worried really but my mum noticed it, I just think she was trying to pick holes in it because I think I scared her when I took her out for a spin, I was keeping below 3500rpm too, ha ha !

Welcome to the is the best colour, of course *lalalaaaa*

I ran mine in for 650 miles (max. 3500 rpm) then increased the revs to 4-5000 up to 1000 miles. It was downhill from then Im I found the limiter and gear shift light in a few gears! Had the oil changed at 1300 miles, just as a precaution.

The engine was a little tight above 4500rpm BUT, a Brands Hatch track day seems to have sorted that out! Over 100 miles of the 1.3 mile Indy Circuit at 4000-7000rpm and now the old girl drives better than ever!!

JJ, that is what I plan on doing, run it in for 650 and then steadily increase to 1000 miles and then go for it !

What do you mean it was downhill from then ? Do you mean it was not fast ? What are you saying ?

*LOL* Downhill, as in badly behaved!! I couldnt resist the temptation any longer and revved the nuts off the 172!! I got a fair few comments at Brands on Monday the likes of "Cor! Hes giving it some!" etc. etc.

Oh right ! S**t, I thought you meant that the car went downhill in your estimations ! DOH ! ha ha !

I can see me doing the same, I just really want to go for it but I am being good so far, travelled back 250 miles yesterday with the revs between 3000 and 3500rpm all the way ! It was torture !


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ak_uk "Dont do a GR on it and drive it!" ????

What do you mean ak? Did you mean to say that he should be driving it and not washing it?

I have to agree about the colour and the attention it attracts. I sometimes look in my rear view mirror after passing some folk and notice that they have turned around to watch the car! Makes me smile!
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Cant wait for mine, should be getting my Pearl Black 172 in about two weeks. My girlfriend has named it Sooty. Where did the name Heidi come from?


  Shiny red R32

Maybe Daipac is a lonely goatherd in the Welsh mountains, rather than the Austrian Alps!

The name Heidi came from the fact that my car is from Holland, I thought Heidi was appropriate ! All very sad and immature but ah well, never mind eh !

Oh yeah GR, surely you should have mentioned SHEEP instead of GOATS with me being from Wales, you usually rip the p**s out of that fact, you are slipping, that was an easy target !


  Shiny red R32

Now now Daipac, dont get nasty! When I was young I read the book called "Heidi" and she tended GOATS, not SHEEP, on the Alps with her grandfather, and there are no mountains in Holland, it is extremely flat.


  Shiny red R32

Oh and Daipac, mine is also from Holland but it certainly isnt called Heidi, it is more of a Hector than a car with a gentle girlie name! Still as long as you like it!

Not nasty, that is what the winky face was for, to show that I was messing around ! See !

Well, the Heidi Klum model is Dutch I think, anyway, when I think of the name Heidi I think of clogs, windmills and tulips, dont ask me why, must be my weird Welsh mind !


  Shiny red R32

Daipac, you might have to choose a new name for your car, unless you get a German VW as Heidi Klum is German!


  Shiny red R32

Daipac, mine doesnt have a name, I only said it was more a Hector as it is a masculine name. Actually my big sturdy Basset Hound boy is called Hector!

Mav, get in here, GR will grill you on why your car is called Angelica, maybe it is cos you like the Rugrats I dunno but GR will find out !

There are two ways to name a car....

Either has to be like the last 3 letters of ur Number plate and be a suitably Beaut name for ur car.

Mines AJK so Angellica
Also Men owners can oly call their cars by female names, its just the law. Women have the choice of either.

The other accepted way to name ur car is after one of the stickers in the HOT section of this site:

They are amazingly well drawn you just cant get an idea of the quality from the screen. You can only choose a girl is you have her somewhere on ur car.

My snowboard is Stacy, from the greek meaning to rise again, and because shes the best looking

Whats ur lil black beaut called GR?

Happy naming...


GR, I am only messing around, no offence in the slightest intended at all.
See, smiley face

Mav, I was going to called my car Tipex based on my reg plate but Heidi just sprang to mind, I dont actually go around calling it that mind ! ha ha !

Hey Dai, you should.

Sometimes me Stacy go out for a ride in Angellica.

Much easier and better than saying i put my snowboard in my car and drove my clio for miles to a ski slope