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Where to buy alloy wheels

My car has recently been crashed and involved in the insurance claim is the fact i need two new alloy wheels, the alloy wheels on the car are discontinued. I have been told by the insurance company that they will give me £300 towards some new ones because of this situation. The garage is surprised at this and have said they didn't think this is how it would happen. Now i have to look for a set of new alloys for either me to buy or for me to tell the garage to buy ( both us and the garage are unsure which yet). I have never looked for alloys before and in this situation we need the alloys fast are there any websites you would recommend buying them from with fast delivery or any shops i should go to near Bristol to get some. Cheers for any help!!
Aftermarket and either as i suppose i could reuse the tyres on there if i buy the same size as whats on atm
For £300 I would be looking on here/ eBay tbh... You won't get many NICE sets of aftermarket wheels for that price so keep a very close eye out

And be prepared to pay a bit more towards the wheels yourself to get some