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Where to get Pro Race 3's ?


ClioSport Club Member
  255, 230, 172, R26
Alriiiight! Well, Renault have failed finding me my Renault alloys I sooo wanted :dapprove: So, I have decided the second choice is pro race 3's in white! Don't worry, coilovers are bought :approve:

So, I want 16" but dunno where to find them or how much Im looking at?

Any help would be great, cheers


aka Philomena Cunk aka Barry Shitpeas
ClioSport Club Member
  172, Golf PD130
I just looked on Ebay and for the Clio there's only 15s & 17s,
you'd think they'd have 16s aswell, but no.

Wierd. :S
If you just want to see them, I',m sure I've seen them in Halfrauds, sure you'll find them far cheaper elsewhere though.


ClioSport Admin
Iirc before I got my turinis I was enquiring. In store, the prices went something like

15'' - £549
16'' - £649
17'' - £749

And I could be wrong but I'm sure that was just the alloy price, not the alloys + tyre package
Thud :sleepy:
I thought it was about £600 with their budget and £650 with their premium tyre! Never mind I'm not getting them anyway.


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  Arctic 182, GTD
Pretty sure if you call rimstock direct (team dynamics) they'll sell them direct to you??
  2003 Cup 172
I just bought some 15" 1.2's with 888's from Demon Tweeks - cost £870 delivered, balanced etc etc. The Pro Race 3's (which I also enquired about) was about a 4-6 week wait as they had to make them to order cause they didn't have any in stock in Anthracite, but they were a tiny bit cheaper, like £850 or something like that (still with 888's). Not sure what the normal price is cause I got a discount with my Pole Position discount I have with them, which is 10% off, plus a little bit more depending the mood of the person running it through the system.

Not sure what the 16" price was though, so may not help you, but may give you a kind of idea. Other places were cheaper when buying the wheels and tyres separately, but then there's the costs of fitting the tyres, balancing etc., which makes the package with DT cheaper.


ClioSport Club Member
  255, 230, 172, R26
Im going for the Rota's now :D

Is 7x16 the same as the standard? Help please as I wannu get em ordered :)