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Where to get spray cans made up?


  Clio Mk 1
halfrauds said they 'havent got the paint at the moment to mix it' or he just couldnt be f*cked

so anywhere else i could try?
  ph1 172 / r1 mini project
have a quick look in yellow pages or on tinternet for an automotive paint suppliers, most wil mix u up a can while u wait......
  Chocolate Bar™
mark @ st helens, only place i'd use for my paint, absolutly mint
I had a problem getin my paint mixed 4m dem guys..iv got d silver blue-ish clio gave my colour code d paint sent was d wrong shade, sent it bac wid a sample and spray cans still not the right shade. e-mailed and never got a reply..jus do it at halfords and keep returnin it until dey get it right!
  Chocolate Bar™
well if your order was as hard to understand as your post i arent surprised to be honest lol.

I had one problem with the wrong paint being sent, however if you actually ring them they sort it out for you no problems... i think people are afraid of using the phone sometimes. They let me keep the wrong tins of paint and sent me the right tins the next day. Top quality service.

People who know me know the quality of the colour/paintwork produced, which is largely a factor of the paint that I use, and the quality of the spray form the cans.