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where u live.

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hi i am from the west midlands,(wyre forest) to be exact kidderminster, stourport, bewdley area. Is there anyone who lives in this area or remotely near. i have just ordered a dynamique and when i get it on 9th of jan i will want to meet up with some clio owners.

many thanks people

Theres a few of us over in Solihull, not too far I spose, and theres always the Merry Hill thursday and sunday nights (nothing to do with the club, just a bunch of guys doin stoopid things with cars sometimes ;))

There is a gathering of Midlanders on the 15th Feb at a Rolling Road day in Hinckley, your welcome to come along and meet people.

Check the events/metings forum.

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yeah Im from Herefordshire, which is fairly close. (Im about 25 mins from Worcester)