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Wheres the best place to fit the bluetooth kit??

  S2 106 GTI
I have a bluetooth for my stereo and wondering where is the best place to fit? mic and box etc... and how hard lol

  BMW E30 325iiiiii
im guessing it the speaker will be wired into the speakers of the, i suggest u wire the mic from the light cluster above ur head in the middle of the roof, and run the wire down thru the a-pillar under the glove box and put the box right in behind the stereo...u should feel a gap to the right of the passenger footwell, perfect place.
  Monaco 172 (02)
What headunit do you have?
I have a JVC head unit, and want an external bluetooth mic. the internal one is rubbish!
  S2 106 GTI
I have a kenwood dvd one. external box connects to stereo and the mic comes from the box. Easy to remove dash?? to run the wire to the interior light
  Better than yours. C*nt.
Dash is easy to remove - don't even need a guide:

Take the silver (or painted) strips off the front of the dash, remove all Torx hidden away. Look just inside the doors, on the side of the dash is a plastic Torx-headed locating pin, take those out (one each side). Pull the top of the steering wheel cowl off and there's two Torx screws in there - remove those too! In the windscreen vents there's a screw at the left, right and in the middle - take those out (Torx again) and pull the A-pillars off (there's a clip at the top if you squeeze a finger in and take a look - you have to pull the door seal off to do it!) and once both A-pillars are off you should be able to wiggle the dash and pull it free.

In the words of any good book, fitting is reverse of removal! You'll also find tons of space to fit the box for the Bluetooth in there, wire for the iPod through the top of the glovebox, the power regulator box (grey thing!) and you need to do it if you want to fit a stalk adaptor - worth doing IMO and about £40 tops for a good one on t'interweb!
  S2 106 GTI
Cheers mike! had it all fitted yesterday and looked :D:D:D:D tried the bluetooth kit too.....brilliant!!!

Just need to make it look more respectable now! there are sooo many wires in the back