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Which Decat....

  Looking for a ph-quick...
Right i have hit a speed bump and cracked my decat pipe :(
So i need a new one, was looking at the K-tech one, anyone know if its any good? Also what others would you recommend?

  Fiesta ST
Lunner makes them for £30 (straight pipe). I bought the silenced one from K-Tec, it's nice. :) Not raspy like a normal de-cat it gives a much deeper tone. Still get the same good old pop and bubble. :)


  MK7 GTD & Mini GP
lunner doesnt make them no more mate ^^

a decat is a decat amir, just make sure its SS and you will be fine!
Havent had experience of the others but i was well happy with my Janspeed one. Performance difference and not too noisy