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  Abarth Grande Punto

Im going to change the air filter on my 1997 1.2 DIET MPi Clio, I have considered the K&N induction kit, Does anyone know where I can get a kit cheap or what would be the best??

any help would be great.

thanks guys Stu ;)
  BMW 320d Sport

K&N are tried and tested, dont know your particular model but Im guessing youve got a lot of room in your engine bay so an induction kit shouldnt lose you much power if any at all. To be honest, all cotton filters are the same as each other and all foam filters likewise. Its just down to how much you wanna pay and what you like the look of. Cliosport members get discounts between 10 and 15% at various places that could do you a filter/kit so that would be a good way to get stuff a bit cheaper.