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which numberplate?

  impreza p1
or shall i sell it and put the standard one back on?


  impreza p1
tops on there at the moment, police don't like it still though, they threatened to tow my car away the other night cos of it
  Golf R
i've seen worse spacing than that but i'm guessing they don't like the 'dot' inbetween the letters.

that said i reckon you'd get more hassle for the 2nd ones as they're a non standard font
  RenaultSport 172.
top one,

btw is the R just random or does i stand for something letter of name?

i just bought a private plate...
R55 PGE - preety neat as my names ross need for illegal spacing or anything...:)
Keep the standard ones in the car - apparently the old bill have been known to confiscate the dodgy ones, give you a fine for them, then impound your vehicle because it has no plates on it so shouldn't be on the public highway... :rolleyes:

If you just pop the standard ones back on then job's a good'un, away you drive ;)
  RenaultSport 172.
Pssst Renault Sport ;)

hehe, you can tell how longa day its been today....i liked the top plate, but if the ol bill are confiscating them, you may aswell save the hassell and wack the origional plates on.