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which one hard choice!

Another post:

Me thinkin about swappin the Clio sport for a Audi S4 biturbo (second hand) done 56000kms year 2000 model. Is it worth the extra money? hhm. just hard choice.

yes. 5.4seconds to 60 in standard trim i believe. through 4 wheels. the S series that audi do are very luxurious and powerful. German build quality need i say more?

need i say . give me one now? haha

i really like it but i miss the raw fun of 172 coz S4 provides no fun just heaps of straight line speed (got the same engine as RS4 just smaller turbos n lower tuning) to be honest it doest have like a 5.4 car it feels like a bloody 7 car ahha i think its too smooth n plus 4 wheels make it seem slow

have ot think hard coz i still have to put a bit of money on to the trade in as well. the current price they offer on this 2nd hand is 2 new clio 172 price so in UK pound term around 30000 pound but thats a bit crazy in nz term its 74000 so thats around 25000 pound

i know what i wolud choose if i had the choice. the S4 is a fantastic car that i do actually know a little about because my frind is thinknig of getting one. they are very tuneable also

they are nothing like a 172 - if you like one Im not sure how the other fits into the equation??? :D much bigger, much more expensive etc. Still if its speed you is after then there is your answer.