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Which panel filter for Mk2 172

Wish i could tell you but non of them seem to want to make one for the mk2..if u order one like i did they will send u a round mk1 filter instead.

Pipercross part no p/cppp1530 - Got mine yesterday, (after two weeks) and IT FITS. Got it from DT,s, but any Pipercross dealer should be able to get them now - just in production.
  172 Cup

Cheers Windsor maybe now we can get somewhere! Once you have had a chance to test it out can you reply and let me know how it sounds??


I got the same piperX one last week...same part num.

Dont think it makes enough difference to notice...might sound a tiny bit better...



I havnt noticed much difference with it, - not like the GGR induction kit on my old scooby which really made a noise.
However I didnt expect a great difference, you should only think of it as one of a series of things which may all add up to something, but individually are not noticeable, but hey thats tuning.

Thanx for the replies. Do Green, K&N etc. make panel filters for the 172 Mk2, or just Piper X at the moment?

BMC list one, but they dont seem to be available in the UK at present. I did order one (pt no 295/01) but there was no sign after 2 months so I bought the Pipercross.

I dont think there is a great deal between the panel filters, they are all better than paper, the differences are simply down to material, either cotton, foam or whatever.

U are never gonna get more than 1 or 2 brake from a filter which u would never feel, the difference is in future mods to increase overall airflow, but then u need to increase the fuel mix (the 172 runs lean at top end)

So a chip of some sort is required too

Waiting on someone to develop a worthy chip for the mk2 172