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Which Polish...

Anyone recommend which polish to use on a new shape CTR? In Black.

Mate is coming round today for a detail. Got all the Menzerna's etc, and various others. I take it the paint is quite soft?

He's not after anything special so might just SRP it ;)
Lol @ SRP'ing it!

I was under the impression that Honda paint was soft, but also quite tacky/sticky. Previous experience only though. I wouldn't think it would need anything to harsh from the Menz range Justin. Probably 203?
Yeah, I don't want to over polish it. I don't think he is looking for perfection either. Just asked me to make it shiny! :lolup:

You may laugh at SRP, but my Gran scuffed her car, and it took it all out!

Will see what sort of state its in when he arrives.

Its funny how quick word spreads about people who do detailing.
I wish I had the motivation to do other people's cars. Only reason I'm doing the Civic is because he's a mate.

I've actually cleaned 5 different cars over the weekend. Today will be number 6.
Not yet, driving the old man's daily for the moment and he'll take the 8 most days. Do that up until xmas, then red, black or white a3 3.2 quattro :)
Ha! Awesome. I posted some pics of mine last night in Media. Though we've got a mortgage appointment tomorrow, so not sure how much longer I'll have it!
Lol, nice.

Yeah I saw those pics, very nice mate, got a real glint of shine in one picture on the rear left :approve: