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Which wheels??

  RenaultSport clio 172
I have a 172 mk2, and just installed ledas on it. I was wondering, with which wheels would it turn better, 15" or 17"??(looking for best performance on track)
the 15´s are std and the 17´s are oz ultraleggera.


ClioSport Club Member
you could make it handle ok on 17s but with 15s or 16s it will accelerate faster and handle better, if its a 172/182 then 16s are probably best for you, i feel my steerings to light for wide tyres! pulls it all over the road
17's are only a few mm bigger than 15's with rubber on. Most people put on heavy 17's and cheap tyres.

IMO that's why people think they don't handle as well. Granted I'm sure there is a difference, but it doesn't help if you skim on tyres and rims.

I have lightweight 17's on mine, Eibach's, 1.5 deg neg camber, and Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres, and it handles really really well. About the same as when I had 15's with Michelin rubber.
  throttle bodied mk2 172
depends on power.if the car has stock power,then keep stock wheels.if more power, then go for bigger rims for less wheel spin.i reckon best size is 205 40 16 which they dont sell in i am going for 195 45 16.
Im having this dilema but more of a 16/15 issue for the track. I wouldnt go 17's for track work.

So im going to try both 15" and 16" out on the track - and see which is best!