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Whining clutch noise

We had flooding in my area the other week, and basically i had wired my subs underneath my car, and the cabling under the car got caught on something, i dont really know how, and just got ripped in half, so now obvioulsy the amps not working. however, i heard a massive clunk, where i guess the cable had tugged as it got ripped, and now i hear a whining sound whenever i even touch the clutch. I dont know what it is, or how to get it fixed (and not sure if it be covered under warrenty if i take it in, cant afford it otherwise)
if you wired you subs under your car (which is the most stupid thing to do in the first place_) re trace where the where was as it shouldnt go anywere near the clutch cable, make sure the cluth cable is correctly place in the mount at the end connecting to the gearbox,

its very dangerous to wire your subs on the outside as it can com into contact with alot more metal if you follow your bonnet release cable you can just wire your amp though there.
well ive taken the cabling out now, so i cant see where its near, but i think the whinings coming from within the gearbox, i dont know if it got caught anywhere and tugged at something as it got ripped off, and yeah i couldnt find where to enter it (besides a hole which a gromit covers just underneath the passenger seat) so just fed it under there?