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White Dials

I want some white dials for my mk1 clio but cant find any. My dials only have the speed, and petrol dials though.
Does anyone have white dials or pics of them on their Mk1's?
mine doesnt have rev counter either. Just has speedo and big fuel thing :( So badly want blue backlights and white dials
  Clio 1.4 16v
sheepy said:
not got them on that site :(

Hence why I added that if they don't have them, contact them, either scan your originals or send them off and they will make you a set for FREE
  Clio 172mk2
i thought the blue back lights on this clio were cheap as its normal white bulbs with the coloured filter ,

its not till u get on the later clios were its a b**ch due to coloured leds
Right, have made my own ones (trial at the moment) but . . .

how do I get the speedo dial off without breaking it?

What are the bulb sizes and where can i buy them from? want coloured more powerful ones
By the way, ignore the ripspeed pedals in my pic, they came on the car. I have fitted some new momo pedals.
  COLTCZT,Clio 440T project
y dont u just buy betta dials so u can get white dials easily. i had them shitty dials in my old clio (1.2 RL Prima) i easily changed them, its only 4 screws after u get the topdash off nd the new dials with the rev counter plug straight in and work, i was well chuffed wen the rev counter worked:D lol
might well do then! Take it you just swap the speedo over then?
What does the rev counter plug into? I noticed half a dozen connector wires going into nothing!!
  COLTCZT,Clio 440T project
there is just three pulgs that plug into ur dials nd the speedo cable that just pulls out, all u do is just put them in the new dials, piece of piss! :D