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white ph3 clio

  Arctic Blue Clio 182
Photoshop i did! give u an idea of wat it'd look like
  Arctic Blue Clio 182
yea think they just kept white for the cup racers i think! Does look really well tho. Someone must do it!
  Arctic Blue Clio 182
lol. Fair enough! Tho its alot easier to change a silver car white than blue to white lol. Looks cool too
lol whatever. i win. :rasp:

Have to say i never realy liked white (until recently). I used to own a 16v golf gti Mk2... and thought it was a pile of shite. Hated it.

But since seeing a few clio cups/mk3 clio's in white... i like em!

Someone needs to spray their car white because we say so! (Not me though)