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White wheels

I want to get my Wolfrace Voodoos made white. I want it done profesionally. Where can I get this done and how much would I expect to pay?
  Williams 2, STi N12

There is a place in Tonbridge called Spit and Polish, they have a website showing you how it is done. Had my Willy wheels done and there are the DBs!! A bit pricy though about £55 a wheel inc VAT.

BenR i thought the same, but Ive seen a lot of white cars with white wheels, I think it looks wicked. I havent seen any white Voodoos though, maybe it would look good if I made then black? I just want them to be extra original. Do you think all white cars with white wheels look naff?
  Williams 2, STi N12

No worries mate.

All depends on the car..the Pug 106 rallye looked quite cool with its white wheels.

Plus my rally car has the white OZs and looks fantastic (until they get coverd in brake dust!)


  Shiny red R32

A friend of mine with an ordinary Cooper in red, has 17" white wheels and they look OK on it because it looks like an oversized toy car!

well, i would prefer anthracite...would hide brake dust too.

the 106 looks cool iwht white wheels, only cause there steels!

my steelies are ford graphite grey!!!

go to halfords, a wicked colour, you can also see an entire rance of what you would like!

Hmm, Im thinking maybe Dark grey or black would be good. Joe if you get a chance, would you be able to have a go making them black or grey after doing them in white?? If it doesnt take too long.

rich, the photo is not good enough to show black as there is no inner wheel contrast, you would just lose the effect.

if you can get a better photo, no probs.. but I think black may be a little ott..

stuff the willy drivers lol ().. if ya like gold, go for it, just go for a light shade to make it obviously different from the wiliams.

  Williams 2, STi N12

Yeah a dark grey would be good. like they used to put on the Mk1 T5s..i think it was a gunmetal/anthracite grey type thing. Please dont go gold as you would get laughed at by others thinking that it was a crap attempt at a willy lookalike, not realising you know what you are on about.
  Leon Cupra


My mate has some 16" Voodoos and he has had the inside of the wheel painted glossy black and the flat face of the alloy taken to back bare metal and buffed up to high shine. They look the DOGS!!!!, trust me you have to do this it looks wicked. I will try to get some pics of the wheels tomorrow and post them.


I think thats what Im gonna do, have the inside black. what does it look like if you strip the front down to bare metal? does it give a chrome effect.

Tim-grove - I would be REALLY grateful if you could please get a photo of your mates voodoos for me to see?
  Leon Cupra

Yeah it looks simalar to chrome, but you do have to keep them cleen. Its well worth it they look great. I get a pic as soon as he get back from work mate.


Cheers Tim.
Either post it on here on email it straight to me would be even better -


When I had my white Clio 16v I was going to have a dark anthracite colour. I think they would be a better contrast between black and a grey.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well mine are Hyper Black and they look the nuts.

But white is a perennial favourite for the rally sl*g look. Just a pig to clean.

Those wheels pictured are far too small though!

They are f*cking nice!
I think they would look even better on a white car.
Ive just bought a personalise plate now though so Im quite broke. Ive decided I must get an exhaust next, but after that Ill probably be getting them done.
How much did he pay for this and where did he get it done?

  Leon Cupra

Quite a lot, i think it was £160 but one wheel was badly curbed and had to be repaired. Hears the name and address of the place that did them.
A1 Wheel Renovations
Bilston Rd
West Midlands
Tel: 01902 871422