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white wheels

  clio 182
my white wheels arent so white anymre, is there anything that can be used to keep the breakdust sticking??? its a rite b**ch
A good clean with the wheels off is your best option i think.

Take the wheels off the car and clean them one by one if you can. Use AG clean wheels or Bilberry to get the dirt off. Once done you can seal them with something like AG SRP followed by AG EGP and maybe then a wax. This way they should be easier to clean each time.

Theres special wheel sealents online that can be brought, But i wouldnt want to spend an extra tenner if i could help it, So just use Auto glyms stuff if you already have it.
  clio 182
is there such thing as a duct gard? when i had m wheels fitted the guy in the fitting shop said you can buy a gard that catches break dust...
dont know if its true??
Which brakepads are u using ? Can be a world of difference to keeping your wheels clean, some are real aggressive