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white wheels

i was having my car washed the other day and they put some foam stuff on my wheels, turning them looked amazing!!! just wondering if anyone knows where to get this done in the north and if anyone has had it done?

White wheels tend to look sh*t in my opinion, but anyway, you need a method called powder coating. I think most bodyshops can do it.

I think rob is right about white wheels tending to be powder coated rather than painted normally but youd be cleaning them all the time uz they look dirty quicker, id say avoid too, unless you really really want them

Alrite matey, its col here with the Williams 2, (Adis mate). All the best for the new year mate, Im putting white wheels on mine. Im getting in to look like the one in the gallary on this site with the white Speedlines. I like the rally look. Me Dads got a DTM Calibra with the white wheels and they where abit off coloured so he got them all done by a bloke in Adlinton just the other side of Wigan and hes sh*t hot mate. Have you got an email or msn??


alright Col, happy new year bud. My e-mail/MSN is">, i know they will be hard to keep clean but i do really want em. Adlington isnt too far from me, how much did it cost?

Its Probably going to cost you around 50 quid a rim for a propper shot blast and then powered coated job which seems exspensive but dont get them done cheap cause theyll flake every time you have a tyre changed mate. My advice is if you want wheels like your in white, then buy them factory, eg OZ Super Ts or Team Dymanic Multi-spokes. You can get them in white matey. Anyways, well have to get together all of us for a laugh one weekend cause Adis got that AP-22 now that times 1/4 miles.

Take it easy mate....i do, hehe