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who can host the vids!!!!!!!

They have indeed!!!

What does Craig drive it sounded very well indeed!

And Rhys yours doesnt sound on song, whats the problem? Will it be solved at the Service?

So the 172 lost to the Willy, but beat the 16v out of the roundabout a little? Or was it the Willy that the 172 beat out of the roundabout?
  BMW 320d Sport

LOL those last two are mentalist! Boys you gotta come to France next year for the night runs: itll be like a dream come true.
  320d M Sport

Good work guys, its a shame i couldnt have made it (STILL need new tyres!!!) Good show from the 172 (Rhys) considering how quick Craggys Willy is....


ps-see your getting the most out of this video camera then!!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

The 172 beat the Willy once and the Willy beat the 172 once too. I neva had a race. Dont think my 16v would keep up with either of em! :cry:

Quite pleased with how I did. Will probably get the 172 de-catted after its 12000 mile service (next week), and the Williams does have that advantage over me at the moment....and then some....! ;-)

Nick - will definitely be doing the France thing. Any idea when itll be yet? Also, have you got any idea of the price (what was it last time?)

  mk2 172

yeah it was a right laugh, paddy i cant help but find an excuse to use the camera in the car, shame i had the weight disadvantage cos the result is a lot more favourable without but its still a good result. nick, ive been loking forward to france since the last trip cd came through my letterbox!, and rhysy boys motor does seem to have to loosened up nicely, and hopefully now hes getting more aggressive with his clutch and box the 1/4 mile times should reflect what its capable of cos its a genuinely quick motor, when i was runnin the 15.0-15.2s there wasnt much to seperate us on the roads after 30mph so its a case of practise makes perfect.