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Who has chipped their MK2 172


I think its widely accepted that the SuperChips chip is, well, crap!;)

Im sure some on here got a superchip, superchips supposedly rrd his car at the stated 184 bhp, however at an independant rr day he made the lowest of all the clios!

I thought my ears were burning :D ;)

Ok, the gains were not only from superchipping the 172, it came from the freeer flowing k-tec exhaust, Pipercross Viper cold air induction kit and then having the ECU mapping setup to compliment these mods specifically by doing quite a few runs on the Power Engineering rolling road, tweeking the map each time.

My RR results are available if you do a bit of searching around here somewhere, and theyre some sort of proof of the power output at that point in time.

In my mind it was well worth it, a definite improvment in pickup, and the max bhp actually came a bit lower down the rev range to <A target=_blank href= "mailto:184@6091rpm">184bhp@6091rpm, with a nice torque pickup too.

Ahem!, teady, hope youre not meaning me are you? ;)

Obviously Superchips can only do so much, but if you just go for their standard uprated map, you cant expect to make as much as a map modifed to fit the cars running ability, thats what London Superchips managed to do with both mine and Chris172s.

Your case only compounds what I thought. Theres no way the chip alone can give you 184BHP. Youve obviously had a lot of time spent on your car to get it set up to work with the rest of your mods.

Teady - 12 bhp+ on an N/A car with just a chip would mean that the standard map was being Soooooooo protective it would be untrue, yup youre right, I spent a fair bit of time talking about it all to make sure I was gonna get good results, and Ive been pleased by it (saying that it could all change if my result at the midlands RR is crap :confused: - but it shouldnt be), and am planning the future of it now - and this is where it starts to get more interesting :devilish:, gas, heads lightweight this, ditch that etc etc etc MuhHaHa