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Who sells 172 ph1 de-cats?

  BMW M6 & 172 Phase 1
I'm after a phase 1 de-cat for my 172, ideally second hand, but they appear to be like rocking horse s**t on this forum :(

So I'm looking for places to buy a new one. So far I have only found K-Tec that seem to do them, and would rather have a few options before handing my money over to the racing specialists.

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader
Our decats are made for us by Janspeed and we have both straight through and silenced in stock.

  Silver Clio 172 Phase 1
Although i thought the ph1 cat was a lot better than the ph2 cat? Like a sport cat as i remember fred or someone on here saying to get a ph1 cat for a ph2 instead of a sports cat?
Either way, fitted my decat on my ph1 when i put my magnex on and it seemed to free it up a lot, so i'd say its worth it....