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who went southend last nite

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah there were quite a lot of us down there last night, the place was rammed as usual by 10 o clock, absolute roadblock up and down the seafront and some mental cars about.

what were the feds like? last time i went they completely closed off the seafront, id heard the place had got crap - apparently not then;)
  Audi S3 225

I was down there as well, saw quite a few clios, mostly standard. Probably some special deal the southend Renault dealers are doing, cos every week i see more and more brand new Clios.

I saw a new cup with number plate l33 cup or l33 clio cant remember in a well nice blue colour, and a phat mk3 clio with the full car zone special kit in silver, looked mint!

…and there was me busting around with my 17inch league rims, not lowered :( with a sh*tty peco backbox. It’s all good tho,

Last time I was there we were queuing to go thro the lights at the far end of the shore, and the car behind me had some stupid dik go into the back off her, luckily she had her feet on the brakes and didn’t go into me. Stupid amateur boy racers, lol.