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whos clio is this (fail vid)

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If you look at the username of the person who uploaded the video, it kind of gives it away!.

MarkCup twas, brillant driver tho if u look at his videos.
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yer was going to say was markcup, he is an awesome driver and got a beast of a motor, everyone can fook up
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I was going to say he is usually spot on and gives great advice.

We are all alowed a mistake now and again...


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I was going to say he is usually spot on and gives great advice.

We are all alowed a mistake now and again...

Agreed, and he was man enough to put his 'mistake' on the WWW for people to look at. Great driver, and cracking car! :D
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everyone can fook up

Ooooh touchy.. Jesus if you can't handle that it was the driver who made an error, you are watching that video with blinkers on. As I said even good drivers can make mistakes. You just need to watch Motorsport every week to see that..


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:eek: :eek: :eek:

It was a major fail on my part...I got on the brakes too abruptly and didn't 'feel' the lock up...if I'd been smoother onto the brakes, squeezing them on more progressively I'd have avoided the lock-up and my front bumper would still be straight.
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lol, never seen that vid!! Knew it was markcup though instantly!

Having seen his other vids, he wil have been 100% commited! s**t happens, not watching the F1 qualifying?!

Herr Flick

aka Herman Ze German
i wasnt having a go mark, it is a fail because you hit the cones!! lol not saying your a crap driver, it just made me laugh and you/your mate saying sorry lol


ClioSport Club Member
LOL - I didn't see this thread as anyone 'having a go'.

I got a bit c**ky in the dry with the threshold braking and made a comment that came back and bit me on the ass. If I hadn't made that comment then it was nothing other than a minor incident...but as I did say what I said I edited this clip together...which was meant to entertain, warn the Schumacher wannabes, and end the debate about ABS ;)

Plus it makes me laugh and wince in equal measure each time I re-watch it.