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Whos got Lexus lights on a 16v

Whos got Lexus lights on a 16v?

Im thinking of getting some but not sure if they will look right. I like the lights when I see them in the adds but really wanna see what they look like on a valver before i by them.

If anyone has pics of them on there car could you post them so I can have a butchers at them.



they look wicked on silver. Im undecided on blue so far. theyre a bit too light. maybe get some blackout type spray and darken them just a little.

BB Performance are doing a special offer arnt they? £99.99 +VAT or something on Sunday - See that thread!
  Abarth Grande Punto

im think they look okay but with the frosted strip / boot handle thingy looks a bit poo with the clear. I think a black valver would do them justice cos you woulnt notice the strip as much