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Why do garages BS so much

what follows is a bit of a rant but i just wanna know if all garages are staffed by muppets. ok.

I picked up my car today from the reno garage after having the whole of the front suspension on my 4 month old 172 replaced because apparently it was overly wourn and was causing a knocking from the front of the car that i complained about. but what has pissed me off is that the knocking is still there! apparently this knocking according to the mechanics is a different one to the one that was there this morning! oh and they say they test drove it for 27 miles just to make sure that the knocking had gone! which they say it did. but in the 20 minutes it took me to get to the dealer once they called to say it was ready it had developed a new knocking while parked up in their car park! oh and to top of this episode they also charged me £15.00 to obtain the code for my stereo!!!


i know it sounds that im goin into one but this garage has my car on 4 occasions and still hasnt fixed the inital problem that it went in for which was a cracked screenwasher bottle.




  Shiny red R32

Tubs, it is just main dealers which are staffed by muppets! Smaller independents are so much better and more honest.

We once had a brand new V6 Calibra which had a slight unusual tapping sound in the engine somewhere. Took it back to the dealer the next day and left it with them to look at/listen to. We returned home with the Calibra which we part/exed for the new one.

Next day a call from the dealer to say that they had detected the problem and the car neede a new gearbox - after 40 miles! Collected it after a few days when we detected a different worse noise. Back in, but this time they gave us a V6 Cavalier, which we ended up keeping for nearly four months!

Vauxhall changed something else, car still not right, baffled their top mechanic who then after tearing his hair out decided to bring a troubleshooter up from Luton. They messed about again for a week and it was no different (not the noise we orininally returned the car for) and finally decided to put a brand new engine in this car.

After another week we collected it and it still was making a strange noise somewhere in the engine dept. Finally Vauxhall gave up and decided to give us another brand new V6 Calibra, which was great - free of strange noises. This was nearly four months on and they didnt even charge us for the 4,000 miles we had put on their new V6 Cavalier they had loaned us - initially for a week!

So dont give up Tubs, just you tell them to keep your car until it is absolutely perfect. Otherwise contact the customer services dept at Renault, plenty of posts here with references to them.

fanx for the advice GR. will just have to argue with them more firmly next time. this is the main dealer that was looking after my sisters 19 16v cab which was a bit lousy then but without much of a choice in the area of dealer garages i end up going back to these muppets again, just to make sure that i dont give them a chance to mess me about with warrenty work. i posted a thread about 3 weeks ago on here after my previous viist to them for a decent garage in north london because ive had enough of this lot but got no response, and without a recomendation from someone with a similar car im a bit wary of experimenting with just any small independant.

fanx again, will just keep looking and battling.


garages p1ss me off with their bullsh*tting. my new clio lasted a day before it was back in. It stayed in for a full week while they replaced every pump under the sun..well almost.

Ive got it back now and its still riddled with problems. However i done a bit of complaining about how ive just spent all this money on a new car and its lasted me one day...scored one free service, one set of nice mats and a pleasent smile from the cute receptionist.
however if my car was away for two weeks+ and it came back with problems, id be right on the phone asking for the car to be fixed + compensation...or a new car. you dont pay all that money to get a duff car. start asking about returning the car and asking for a refund...they often get worried when you say that.


  Shiny red R32

Just mention two words to them if they are not helpiful TRADING STANDARDS - that scares them!

dont forget guys n gals.. the reno dealer MAKES A FORTUNE from replacing parts in the first 12 months..

that Might have something to do with it...


i think there diggin their heels in because of the fact that the car is an import and wasnt purchased from them. ive threatend them with all kinds of action but maybe trading stadards is the way to go if they keep messing me about. the receptionist is very nice and polite but as for the muppets in suits they sem to be treating import car buyers like some sh*te they step.

if anyone knows of a trustworthy and able garage within a 25 mile radius of enfield in north london could u please let me know.


  7.6cc :D

I went to a Vauxhall garage last night, as my sister is looking to buy an Astra Coupe.

The salesman didnt even know what BHP meant, let alone what the coupes BHP is!!!

Hes a car salesman for christs sake, talk about not researching the product you are trying to sell.

Apparently i was asking him so many grilling questions, the veins were sticking out on his neck! ooooops!

i asked he receptionist at my local dealer if they had a brouhcue about the new clio cup! she informed me to ask at the parts reception for an accesories brouhcue. she thought i wanted a mug!!!

this sums up my garage to a T!!!
  Subaru Forrester

Keep fighting youre corner, if you dont give up youll win in the end even if it takes months like my dealer.

hiya ak

No it wasnt Renault London West, its the dealer in enfield formally Old Oak Renault but know known as Renault Enfield, is renault London west one to stay clear of too then??