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Why do wipers only break when....

  MR2 2.0 N/A & Mk1 1.2Clio
...its raining, your running late, and have no other way of getting to uni! GRRRR!

Sitting at some traffic lights earlier, suddenly heard a big thud, noticed my wipers had stopped. Blade had fell off the arm and both arms were pointing into each other like this /\

Had to keep driving till could find somewhere to stop. The bar had came off the motor. managed to connect the drivers side up so now got a single wiper conversion :clown:

At uni just now, better stop raining so can get home!

Anyone else got any wiper tales? lol
Least you wasnt on the motorway doing a silly speed when yours went. Proper torrential rain aswell and about 100 miles from home lol
  MR2 2.0 N/A & Mk1 1.2Clio
roy i want to kiss you, your a legend! :D

Fixed them. forgot to get a video of it when i managed to get the driverside going, looked so funny driving about with just the ds going!