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Why is buying a 172/182 so hard?

  Clio 172 cup
I thought that was quite obviously in jest.

And also a Partridge reference.

Seriously though, who needs enemies when you've got dads

Mr Underhill

ClioSport Club Member
You bought it back off your son for half of what you sold it to him for 3 months earlier?

Sub human scum.

Oh dear, another Keyboard warrior. If you can be bothered to read my build thread I suggest you do. 🙄

When I bought it it was running, original and intact, albeit a bit rusty. After my mate and son finished with it, well use your imagination.
  Clio 172 cup
I'm sorry I have upset people here. My joke was ill judged and totally unacceptable. I realise that I made this forum feel unsafe for dad's and probably sons too. Please know that this isn't an empty apology and I will be taking time away for a period of self examination and to re-educate myself.
  clio 182 FF
My key issue is that despite there being plenty of decent people on this forum etc. there are a lot of people in the wider community who want everything for nothing and are generally unreliable when it comes to viewing cars/parts.

We are definitely at a turning point for values and there are chancers selling tatty old sheds for more than they are worth.

Don’t call me Dave

Bon Jovi Officianado
ClioSport Club Member
Next couple of years is going to be interesting. We are starting to see rust issues become proper issues on some of the less well kept examples now, as well as people ripping out OEM cats due to value. Not to mention the original CATS starting to fail. Furthermore with the Cambelt, dephaser and AUX belt schedules and costs, I Suspect we will see more and more 1*2’s disappear as they become not economically viable to keep on the roads. Hopefully that will get rid of many of the chancers. It sounds really negative, but actually it’s a positive thing for many owners on this forum. Most of which are proper enthusiasts who will spend what is needed to maintain their car, prices will keep rising as a consequence in my opinion