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why??? W*****S!!

why do some people have it in their mind that damaging other peoples property is funny or cool?? even if theyre drunk?? :mad:

was parked outside gatecrashers in leeds last night and came back to this....


it was parked in a space so all legal etc and the passengers side mirror pushed in to avoid other cars. drivers was left but still loads of space to walk past the car between it and the wall. someone obv came along and wanted it for a "trophy" :(

just rang renault and theyve quoted me just shy of £200 for a colourcoded one......fleabay me hard are they to fit??

cheers for any advice in this situ.

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jealous mate!

happened to my £700 rover when i was parked outside my ex birds student house in sheff and thats not even a nice motor!

some people have nothing better in life to do cos they are scum, and hate anyone with anything better than them....which doesnt take a lot so a nice clio like urs is a prime target!

doesnt help that some people get over confident and violant after some beer either!

if i saw someone do that to my car id not hesitate folow them somewhere private and kick the s**t out of them
By the way, it's probably likely it got chucked somewhere, not like anyone would keep it, did you have a look around a few street corners etc?
cheers for the words guys, had hoped to find it, sat the gf in the car locked it went hunting round but no where to be seen. but like she said, it could have been much much worse ie keying or smashed windows etc.

prob is of course that "no-one saw anything" even though it was parked a few feet away from a massive queue and several bouncers.

thanks for the info on used parts, ebay arent too bad either, 45 plus p and p and 25 for colourcoding, which might even do myself again.

could have done with CCTV pointing at it from every angle like in the old yaris advert :D



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  Whichever has fuel
2.0 badges?? :nono:

As for the damage mate, that sucks. I just had to sell my subaru. After 14 days of ownership, it got keyed twice and also 1 attempted break in.
Its s**t that we can't have the things in life we want.....
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When people are wankered it seems like a good idea to punch something that's sticking out. I had it done to me 3 times in 2 weeks once, it's bollox.
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Its not racing blue its a 1.2 :p
and its a silver 16v badge in your defence matey ;)

bad luck mate there are some jealous tw@'s around! probably a drunk inbred chav should be the knee...

ill keep me eyes open for you pal, but go to a scrappys and take a whole unit off :) then maybe look into colour coding or a bit of Diy?
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lmao, i was at gate crashers last night dude. oceana was too packed! didnt see you though, cant say i saw your car either.was it not parked outside ur pad next to halo?
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b3nje mate it was packed in crashers!! couldnt move!! no it was down the street to the left of the club. you a student in leeds bud? should do a leeds meet sometime.

yeah sorry guys it is the 2.0 16v badge, but like i said in my picture thread its only because i havent found the right colour to give my 16vs that "alloy" look...apologies:rasp:

yeah i might give cit-ren a call from ebay, theyve sorted me out in the past for parts and gave me a quote of 70 quid for a 172 rear bumper the other day which i think is pretty mad cheap!!

cheers for the advice guys and girls.

Gutted for you mate. The same happened to me last christmas eve in my mk1, they kicked it off so hard that the door behind the mirror cracked!
Bunch of b******s. Hope you get it sorted
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nah mate just thought i'd get wasted for freshers week, too busy though, i'm heading down to brunell next week :D
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Frasers Cup said:
^^ It looks more like a 2.0 16v badge to be honest. get the proper 1.2's on it!!

The poor bloke has had his mirror ripped off, and your going on about poxy door badges!

Who gives a f*ck :banghead: