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Wicked Deal

Hi peeps just been to see may mates at the local renault garage
as you do, i bug them even more now i have a 172
i looking at getting brand new clio cup alloys they can do a deal for
£550 with new conti tyres which are standard on the clio cup rimss
well chuffed, put my order in today, they said they can always get me
continental tyre cheap aswell , i know that 16" tyres are not cheap,
one thing though i need to sell my mk1 172 alloys the oz motorsport type
please see my thred on the FOR SALE part, i dont think you will get these cheaper than my asking price

Check it out


Shorty :)


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Contis are terrible tyres.

16" replacement tyres are not expensive. £39 for a toyo proxy.


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Just had a look at the site.. guess I put my order in just in time. That site must get a huge amount of business, I think the toyos have gone down in price again awell.
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Did they have a note on the site when you ordered saying they were out of stock? That has only come on in the last few days.

I either need new wheels or new tyres pretty quick!! :(


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No when I ordered it sayed

1-2 Weeks... I wasnt in a major rush so I ordered them, they seem to be much better than the contis in the dry (hasnt rained since I got them so havent tested)

One thing I did notice aswell is there is much less tramlining with the toyos .. which is strange.

Clio Cups evidently have hard tyre walls, so buying another brand could be risky, saying that Toyos are good and fuggin cheap.



Geordiepaul, it now says delivary upto 1week ion the toyos@ £38.8 including vat and delivary. Theyre a real bargain considering i paid 105 for my last tyres (Goodyears in 205/40/17)


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Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 25 March 2003

Where do you guys get the tyres fitted once ordered?
Well I was recommended to go to halfords/Ripspeed to have them fitted.. they said that they wouldnt fit them for me .. only the tyres the sold.

I got mine fitted at an ATS garage in Edinburgh, next to PC world off the Glasgow Road.

£10 per tyre to fit.