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Widest wide angle photography lens

What is the name of the widest wide angle photography lens?

This is the question that my friend is trying to answer in a competition.

All I can think of is the 10-22 Canon and 10-20 Sigma, but they are both as wide as each other!

I'm guessing you cant include fisheyes, as the question specifies 'wide angle photography lens'.
The question does not specify if it has to be new or old, and crop factor does not have to be taken in to consideration, so I guess anything goes!
Ohh good find that Nikon one! The question was in the english garden to win a days shooting with Sarah Howard. Not my cuppa, but thought it was an interesting and misleading question!!

I lol'd

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Some of the rare lenses can fetch silly money. A mate of mine found an old nikon lens in some random shop for £400. He knew what it was but the shop owner didn't as it sells on eBay for anything up to £4000!!