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will 18’s fit on a 172

on my 1.2 dynam you can fit 17s and lower by 60mm. i think the 172 has 16s and is 30mm lower than the dynam, so i assume u can drop it and increase the wheel size

thanks cliojohn, just dont want no trouble coz i put 17s on my RT and lowered it and i wanted even come off the ramp! took 7 hours to fit.

Revs this month has a tasteful? clio 1.4 with factory discs all around apparently!!! It has 18s on - I would imagine 18s would make any car of this size and power undriveable? OTT anyone?
  172 sport,

i have 17"s on my 172 and it is lowered by 15mm on the rear 25 on the front it rubs slightly on the sh*t guard but a heat gun will cure this 18"s will go but you have to have the rear subframe moved and played with a bit which extreme at harlow will do but be prepared to frow ya warrantie in the bin though as renault may notice these mods

hope this helps m8