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williams buying advice

Ol’ Tarby!

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in the next couple of months im gonna be lookin at buying a williams, always loved this car wen i was a younger, and now i want one. just want to know wot to look for etc. known faults? price im lookin at? easy mods? any help will be greatly appreciated, and any pics would be good to :)

Tbh your prob best of using the search button, there is loads on here of what to look for, loads of people ask the same sort of questions.
Just put in williams & go from there.
  leon cupra R
look out for rust, check electrics make sure everything works inside the car..
when im looking at any car i just look at the general wear and tear of the motor wether thats inside or out go over it with a very fine tooth pick lol
check service histroy whats it had done 'cambelt etc if the milage is high'
listen for any strange noise while under the bonnet make sure the block aint shaking like a rollarcoaster also check it idling fine on tickover, if you test drive it check the gearing and stearing 'brakes' check fluids 'oil etc' check tyres

williams these days go from 2500 ono some @ that price have high mile etc you could pick up a decent on for 3k ono, easy mods i would say : full system - panel filter great start
Everything will go bang and you'll hate it so much.

You'll also love it so much that you don't wanna get rid. You know it doesn't make sense to keep it, but you just can't help but love it.

They're evil cars - they got ya right where they want ya :rasp:
Lol! Completely disagree (about the reliability)!!! Had mine now almost 3 years and I've never had a problem. Only ever had to replace the consumables but then I made sure I got a low milage good 'un. The good ones are easy to spot, just look for the usual wear and tear, rear arches and crash damage and make sure the cam belt has been changed in the last 35k miles / 5 years. You can tell which ones have been looked after and which ones havnt.

...but some do break down but what cars dont after 10 + years? Great cars imo but then I'm bias!


Reliability probably depends on how hard you drive it.

Check for damp signs on roof lining around sunroof, leeking sunroofs are impossible to remedy!

Check all 3 oil gauges work.

I had a valver for nearly to years, was very reliable, and i drove it proplerly!
  williams 0013
i bought my williams of fleabay
i had a few problems in the 1st couple of months which i was ready for
(so should u buying a car over 10)
since then im havin great hastle free driving
u can allways get spares
iv owned a lot of old cars and the willy is by far the best and most fun drive also it feels tight and reliable
the car preferes to be driven hard imo tootling about at 25 will kill it and the fun lol(i dont mean speed everywhere just get out and thrash it )
but iv also got a list in my mind of what i want/need to do next
it will never end i guess but neither will the fun or the smile when u drive it

u know u want it so go get it ;)
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^ you do have no13 though, unlucky for some ;)

we must have a buyers guide somewhere as these threads come up on a weekly basis