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Williams differences

Covered before, Im sure, but I cant find when/where, so can someone tell me all the differences between the Willy 3 and the others?
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Willy 1 is numbered, with a plaque on the dash. Is a ph1 clio.

Willy2 is ph2, adds leccy wing mirrors, boot carpet grey (in 1 its blue)

Willy3 is ph2 again, in monaco blue (1 and 2 are sports blue), has abs, sunroof over 1 and 2.

probably more Ive missed

Does the Willy 3 have a trip computer? There was a digital temperature thing on the dashboard but couldnt find any buttons to see mpg etc. Guess I am being a bit hopeful there then?!


willy 3 also has un uprated 60 watt stereo and i think came with Cat 1 alarm and immobilser as standard (i think that that the alarm/immob was fiited by Renault UK once the cars arrived here)...