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williams keeps spinning

got a williams 2 and as soon as i put my foot down in first just spins. is this because there is two much power or is it something else. cant be tyres got brand new p600 on it

will easily do it in the damp or wet...

otherwise ya new tyres a pretty crap.. or u aint used to its power distribution yet
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Too small wheels and tyre width in my opinion, not so bad for the 16v engine but the torque coming out of the willy block and the lighter weight of the car must give it grip problems.

But never heard any willy owners complaining and the 185 tyres are better for handeling as 195s encourage the car to slide a little.


they went out of production ages ago!

they are early 80s technology!

get some bridgestones on there!
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Well I had 17s with 215, 40 17 tyres on and now I got my originals with 185, 55, goodyears. I think the grip is pretty similar and they are a hell of a lot narrower. Might be cos of the lower profile maybe that makes it slide.

I have this problem although its not in 1st - I dont boot it in 1st thats why. My Tyres are old which is why it happens to me - P600s I found were not very good on my last car. I went from them to Yokohamas and the difference was tremendous. wait til you get it chipped my friend, then the fun starts !!!!

Seriously have to re-learn how to drive it.