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williams rsi

  Clio Gtt

is there such a thing i saw it today!

williams blue, gold wheels , flat arches and williams rsi badge on the back??????

Funny you say that cos I saw a Williams blue RSi yesterday with Gold wheels on it ! Thought it was a Williams from the back till I saw it did not have the bonnet scoop.

As far as I am aware the Williams only came in the 1, 2 and 3 variety.

funny you should say that

im sure someone in this club has one as there profile so it must be theres

i saw on advertised in revs ages ago, it was a blue rsi but had the flarred arches, bonnet and a 2.0 laguna engine in it,

dont know why ppl insist on seeing all kinds of willye they only came in 1,2,3 and where all the same except being better spec in the latter models


they def not made a Willy RSI, only RSIs in MArk one are phase 1 and 3 arnt they? mines a phase 3 RSI, with a Full Williams interior!, and there are no willy badges on mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just RSI!

  Clio Gtt

im gettin a five engine put in at the end of the year and im puttin my 1.2 badges back on, should suprise some people.